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The majority of businesses where a client waits for a consult will have a waiting area or room. There may be a TV on the wall, playing terrestrial TV or even worse it’s switched off. Why?

It might be that you are one of the many busineses where it just isn’t possible to have anyone remain in the waiting area for any amount of time.

If you are lucky enough to still allow people in the waiting area and it is safe to do so, use those vital minutes to benefit your client and your business.

Five minutes in a waiting area is potentially 50% of the time the client spends within the business.”

The first impression when seeing a blank screen. I wonder why that TV isn’t on? I wonder why its not working? I wonder if that’s not working what else isn’t working? I’m slightly nervous now, I wonder what they are doing about #Covid security?

These are my 6 tips as to what should be playing on the TV:

1. Business relevant material.

You know all about your business, your client doesn’t. Educate them about aspects of the business, your team, what you do within the community, the type of business you carry out. Build up trust.

2. Your Covid – 19 processes and procedures.

Describe the various lengths the business has gone to to make the client and the team experience, safe and secure. Build up trust.

3. Sell your services, clinics, products and treatments.

Make sure you promote everything you do, particularly at this time. Create conversations, engage with clients in a gentle and informative way through the waiting room TV. Maximise client spend and book in their next appointment. Build loyalty.

4. Show a variety of content.

Create a playlist of relevant, industry specific content, with some serious and light hearted videos. This will make the wait time seem even quicker! We like to be entertained.

5. Part of a cohesive marketing approach.

Make sure any offers you have across your social media platforms and website are replicated on your TV. Create a cohesive marketing plan with your TV being part of that. A client may view a webpage for 12 seconds, they will be held ‘captivated’ for more than 120 seconds in front of the TV.

6. Use a professional service.

Like you I tend to go to a dentist if I have toothache, the vet if my dog is unwell, the garage if my car is playing up and the coffee shop to buy my daily brew – why? They know more than me, that’s what they do and they offer a professional service.

You are competing with their phone, newspaper, magazine. So use a trusted, reliable and easy to use system.

Numed Healthcare provide media deployment services across the healthcare sector. With over 4000 practices and businesses using their media deployment services. Is it time for you to upgrade your waiting area?