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With Easter fast approaching its really important to remind pet owners that so many of our ‘Easter Treats’ are toxic to pets. With our seasonal category its easy to find suitable videos to help educate your clients about the dangers of certain foods as well as plants and toxins commonly found in the garden.

Easter Goodies video

This Easter video, found in the ‘Seasonal Videos’ category offers really important advice and will educate your clients about the dangers of feeding their pets Easter treats such as hot cross buns, chocolate and raisins all highly toxic, poisonous and can be fatal.
Inform your clients on how they can keep their pets safe and NEVER feed them these human Easter treats.

Click here to view Easter video

Dangers Of The Spring Garden

Many of your clients will be unaware of the dangers present within the garden or out on a walk! From daffodils to tulips. There are a number of common plants and flowers that can be fatal if ingested. Please make sure you highlight these dangers and ensure they make the best of the lovely spring weather!
You can also find this video in the ‘Seasonal’ category.

Click to view Spring Dangers