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Although (thankfully) rare, water poisoning is a rapidly progressing and often fatal condition. Making it an important condition to educate your clients about! Many clients won’t have even heard of water poisoning, let alone know the signs to watch for. Our informative video tells them all they need to know, without unnecessary scaremongering!

Why choose this video?

In the hot weather we’ve had or indeed just out in the garden, many clients will be engaging their dogs in active water play, in an attempt to keep them cool or just to have some fun. While it’s great that they are including their canine friends in family play and are aware of the dangers of heat stroke, they probably don’t know anything about water intoxication.

Owners need to be aware of the dangers of swallowing excessive amounts of water in a short period of time. This leads to hyponatraemia (it dilutes the concentration of sodium in the blood) – which is what water poisoning is. This tends to happen when dogs play fetch in the water or play in a paddling pool, hosepipe, or sprinkler for extended periods of time. Small dogs need to consume less water to be affected, so are at a greater risk. Slim dogs are also at a higher risk since fat can absorb some of the water.

Many of the symptoms of water poisoning, such as loss of balance and lethargy, can also be caused by many other conditions – some more serious than others. If they don’t know any different, owners might assume a less serious cause, wasting valuable time. Water poisoning progresses extremely rapidly, so if your clients aren’t aware of it, they won’t know to act fast. The sooner they call you, the better.

You can help your clients to enjoy safe outdoor activities this summer by educating dog owners on safe water play, the risks of excessive active water play, and the symptoms of water intoxication.

What’s included?

Our video concisely educates your clients on

  • What water poisoning is
  • The symptoms of water poisoning in dogs
  • Which dogs are at risk
  • The treatment,

and last but not least…

  • How to prevent water poisoning.

So, educate your clients about this potentially life-threatening condition by downloading our new video today. Log into your account to preview the video to add to your waiting room playlist. Or download this educational video to use in your social media or website.