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Walkies! 10 benefits for you and your pet.

By 30 September 2016No Comments



Ten reasons why walking the dog is good for both you and your pet.

Are you aware of the many benefits walking the dog have for both you and your pet? Its coming up to that time of the year when the nights get longer, darker and colder and the thought of walking the dog is the last thing you’re going to want to do, but are you aware of the many benefits of getting out of that chair and going for a walk?

Here’s ten benefits for taking your pet on regular walks!

#1 Its so good for your and your pets well-being! You’ll feel great!

Walking your pet is sometimes perceived as a bit of a chore, taking time when you could be perhaps doing something else. It shouldn’t feel that way as it is beneficial for both you and your pet. Its a superb form of low impact exercise, doesn’t hurt and burns the calories! The many health benefits are as important to you as they are to your pet!

#2 Helps Build Trust

If you have a pet lacking in confidence, your regular walks can help build trust and boost confidence. You and your pet will meet other dogs and their owners and with you there for reassurance your pet can learn to be comfortable around them and you may form new friendships.

#3 Reduce Hyperactivity

A walk can help to dissipate extra energy your pet (particularly young dogs and puppies) may have. Calming it down helping to reduce hyperactivity, excitability, and even that late night crazy 10 minutes. A late walk can help your pet to feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.

#4 Destructive Behavior Reduced

Walking regularly, as well as other forms of exercise, perhaps jogging or agility classes can help decrease or eliminate your pet’s destructive chewing, digging, or scratching. Pets are similar to children in that they like to be challenged and given tasks to do.

#5 Weight management

Its obvious but you will see many overweight dogs, almost half of of dogs are have a weight problem! So regular walks in conjunction with a healthy diet will help maintain your pet and your own weight which in turn reduces both you and your pets chance of suffering with a chronic disease such as Diabetes and heart disease.

#6 Bonding

Time together with your pet increases the bond between you and leads to a trusting and strong relationship. You become each others ‘Best Friend’.

#7 Attention seeking is reduced

Whining, barking and jumping up are all signs that your pet is getting bored and requires attention. Taking them on regular walks will alleviate this attention seeking.

#8 Discipline issues reduced

Jumping on furniture or people can be annoying and are a sign of pent up energy – get your dog out for a walk and this will be reduced.

#9 Helps the digestive system

Regular walks can help with your pets digestive season and will maintain their ‘regularity’ using the same, comfortable locations to relieve themselves.

#10 Helps to keep you and your pet healthy!

Its obvious! Regular exercise is good for both us and our pets. It provides many health benefits that include keeping your pet agile, fit and full of life and makes us feel great!