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Like most veterinary surgeries we are sure you will be wondering how best to engage with your clients.  You’ll be trying Facebook, Twitter and you will have a surgery website?

All of these channels are valid and useful but how long do you expect to have their attention for and will they even find the feed, tweet or website? One thing is for sure, whilst they are sat in your waiting room, for up to 30 minutes at a time, you have their undivided attention, make that time productive!

We have a new ‘Explainer’ video to help you understand the benefits of using The Vet Channel in your waiting room. With over 650 surgeries using our system isn’t it time you upgraded your waiting room and helped educate, entertain and inform your clients!

The system will inform and educate clients about:

  1. Seasonal and topical healthcare issues.
  2. Your services and clinics.
  3. The various products you have to help their pet.
  4. Increase revenue spend per client.

Please call 01143 990001 to speak to our friendly team, you’ll be able to arrange a no-obligation demonstration and discuss your  specific requirements and costs.