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We’ve been busy creating a series of fun and informative videos for you to share with your clients via your Vet Channel waiting room TV service.

We’re proud to announce the ‘top five pet questions – answered’ videos. Each video poses a question, offers a variety of choices, then gives the detailed correct answer with an explanation. Pet questions such as ‘why does my pet eat grass?’ to entertain and enlighten clients in the waiting area. 

Many of these questions are the most-Googled questions about pets – so you can bypass Dr Google and help your clients find the information they need without going elsewhere.

Written by Veterinary Surgeons

As always, the videos contain high-quality information written by a practicing veterinarian, so you know you can trust what your clients read in our videos.

We even make sure the information is kept up to date by asking vets to review the videos regularly, and flag any changes to treatments, regulations, or recommendations that have been made.  

At The Vet Channel, we’re committed to providing quality video content for your waiting room TV. We’re also proud of our huge range of videos on just about any topic you can imagine!

Do you have a topic for a video?

If you spot a hole in our coverage, or think there’s a topic we could cover better, just let us know. If there’s a gap, we’d like to fill it! 

In the meantime, we’ll continue to release our brilliant, vet-written pet health videos for your practice. (We have lots of videos in production we can’t wait to share with you!). 

We hope you (and your clients!) like our Pet Questions video. Enjoy, and stay safe! 

Dr Joanna Woodnutt

& The Vet Channel team x