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Seven hundred veterinary surgeries are now using The Vet Channel. 

With the energy, self motivation, blood, sweat (and some) tears Kate Shepherd (my wonderful wife) has invested into the The Vet Channel we have managed to install, support and service a staggering 700 veterinary surgeries! 

None of which would be possible without our industry partnerships and of course the dedication and support of the entire Vet Channel and Numed team.

It is also good to see evidence that we are providing an extremely valuable, easy to use marketing tool into the veterinary waiting room.  We have just received another wonderful ‘user review’ from Lawrence Vets in Nottingham (click to read)

With such a large number of surgeries using The Vet Channel we are still able to deliver the best solution to our clients. Enabling surgeries to engage, inform and educate their clients to be the best pet owners. This circle of positivity leads to happy pets, happy pet owners and in turn, long term loyal customers!

If you would like to find out more simply call us on 01143 990001 or email