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The Vet Channel Terms & Conditions

1) Cover is provided by Numed Holdings Ltd trading as The Vet Channel (The Company)

2) Subscription Term & Payment Types

a) The minimum subscription term is 12 months.

b) Payments can be made via invoice or direct debit.

c) Direct Debit (Monthly Payment Terms):

i) If you choose to pay for your subscription by direct debit, the Direct Debit (DD) Guarantee will apply.

The DD Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that take part in the DD Scheme.

d) Invoice Payments

i) Payment(s) will need to be made within the stated terms of business.

ii) Subscription charges can be billed annually, monthly (direct debit only), or quarterly and is agreed at the time of sale or at the point of renewal.

iii) Payment terms cannot be changed mid-contract.

e) Subscription Renewal & Termination

i) Customers paying by invoice will be issued with a renewal approximately one month prior to the subscription anniversary date.

On payment, the subscription will renew for a further 12 months.

ii) Customers wishing to terminate their service, will need to inform the Company 14 days prior to the subscription anniversary date.

iii) Termination notices should be directed to

iv) If you decide to terminate your subscription, we may request that you return the VETPod media player within 30 days of cancellation.

Failure to do so will incur an invoice for the full value of the VETPod media player.

v) Subscriptions terminated by the customer within 14 days of activation will be refunded in full (where payment has been made).

3) The subscription includes:

a) Practice Promotions (Bespoke Media)

i) Each subscription includes a pre-defined number of bespoke practice promotions. The number of inclusive practice promotions within any given subscription period is stipulated at the time of sale.

ii) Additional practice promotions over and above the stated entitlement are provided on a chargeable basis and will be quoted for separately.

b) Practice Information (Bespoke Media)

i) Creation and unlimited amendments to the practice information video.

c) Lifetime Warranty

i) The Company retain ownership of the VETPod media player. In certain circumstances we may agree to transfer ownership or sell the hardware to the customer.

ii) The subscription includes full parts and labour cover for the VETPod media player.

iii) VETPod media players deemed by the Company as beyond economical repair will be replaced with a like for like replacement.

iv) Free use of loan equipment (subject to availability) where a repair cannot be carried out within 48 hours of receipt of the faulty equipment.

v) Free use of courier collection service (including collection of Loan Equipment).

d) Customer Support

i) Technical and Media support services are available Monday – Friday (8am until 5:30pm) excluding Public Holidays.

ii) Initial Technical Support is conducted via the telephone. In addition to this, the Company also operates a fully secure remote software support utility using the Citrix Go-to-Assist software package.

iii) In the event of the customer being unable to facilitate a remote connection, the customer must be available to assist the technical representative over the telephone for a reasonable period of time.

iv) Site visits will not be carried out until reasonable steps have been made to resolve any issue in this way.

v) Product Training
(1) Unlimited access to online training sessions
(2) Pre-bookable 1:1 online training session(s)

4) The subscription excludes:

a) Any items not specifically detailed on the contract.

b) Loss or damage due to theft or attempted theft of the VETPod media player.

c) Software or hardware not included as part of the original or subsequent purchases from the Company.

d) Any problem or reconfiguration of software or hardware caused by the introduction or installation of software or hardware not supplied by the Company.

e) Any problem or reconfiguration of software or hardware caused by viruses or other malware.

f) Consumable and expendable items including, but not limited to, cables and leads.

g) Any damage or malfunction caused by neglect, misuse (including failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions), unauthorised modification of the equipment, or connection or addition to the equipment of unauthorised peripheral equipment.

h) Non-mandatory software or hardware amendments to equipment as originally supplied.

i) Modifications to the equipment required as result of mandatory or statutory regulations not in effect at the time of original supply of the equipment. The Company’s decision in these matters shall be final and binding on the customer.

5) The customer shall:-

a) Promptly notify the Company of all faults.

b) Not maintain, repair, modify the VETPod or attach unauthorised peripheral device, nor allow any third party to do so, without the written approval of the Company.

6) The Company will endeavour to remedy any breakdown, failure or stoppage of the VETPod service as promptly as it is able. The Company will endeavour to maintain the equipment in good working order.

7) The Company shall not be under liability for any delays or for failures attributed to causes beyond its control. In the event of delay due to unavailability of manufacturer’s parts or slow turn-round, the Company will endeavour to provide the customer with loan equipment.

8) Site visits, where applicable, shall be made at a time mutually agreeable to the Company and the customer. On completion of the service visit, the customer may be required to sign a copy of the Service Engineer’s Report, as evidence of the satisfactory completion of the work described therein.

9) When a site visit has been arranged, a surcharge will be made if the Service Engineer is unable to gain adequate access to the equipment at the time appointed for the visit.

10) If it is necessary for safety or other reasons outside the Company’s control to provide more than one service engineer a surcharge shall be calculated at the breakdown service rate per additional visit or engineer.

11) The subscription between the Company and the customer cannot be transferred or assigned to a third party without the express written permission of the Company.

12) The subscription shall terminate immediately if the customer becomes insolvent, unable to pay his debts or commits any act of bankruptcy or if the customer fails to pay by the due date any charge arising from this subscription.

13) All charges are stated exclusive of Value Added Tax, which shall be added at the rate applicable on the date of invoicing.

14) Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, these Terms and Conditions take precedence over the Terms and Conditions of the customer’s enquiry or purchase order. This subscription shall be subject to English law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts.