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Being a responsible pet owner requires a certain commitment to our furry friends. With the various seasons and of course the changing climate we need to be aware of the needs and requirements of our pets.

This beautiful Summer we’re having is putting an obvious stress on ourselves and of course our pets. The temperature is soaring however our pets – particularly dogs, still require exercise.

Picking the right time of day, first thing in the morning or late in the evening , seeking out shade and avoiding densely grassed areas where creepy crawlies like ticks and mites lurk, are all important aspects of adapting your daily routine to create the right, safe environment for your pet.

Our ‘Seasonal’ category will help guide vets and nurses using our Vet Channel waiting room TV system to engage, inform and educate pet owners about all aspects of pet healthcare and animal husbandry whilst they are sat waiting for up to 20 minutes.

Have a look and see if any thing suits your surgeries needs!