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We have a selection of topical videos for you to share with your clients this spring – via social media, waiting room TV, and to be emailed in your practice newsletter. An important, common, and often forgotten spring danger is allergies – and we have dedicated a whole video to those, alongside videos covering chocolate poisoning, Easter goodies, spring garden dangers and other spring hazards.

Easter is Fast Approaching…

With Easter days away, the chocolate and hot cross buns will be filling the cupboards. With chocolate being one of the main treats consumed, this topic has a video of its own. It includes a brief yet detailed summary of why chocolate is a danger, how long it takes for clinical signs to show, and what those signs may be. Importantly the video highlights the necessity to call as soon as a pet has consumed chocolate – and not wait until the pet is unwell.

Our more general Easter Goodies video covers the dangers of raisins in hot cross buns and xylitol in sweets – also pointing out possible consequences for the pet and the importance of early treatment.

The Spring Garden

Our Spring Garden video is a must-see for cat, dog, and rabbit owners. It is easy to forget that a curious rabbit – who may well have run of the garden – could be harmed by bulbs too. By naming a few important spring plants, hopefully, owners’ attention is focused on avoidance. If the worst does happen, of course, the best action is to pick up the phone and dial for you.

With possible clinical signs like drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties and tremors or seizures resulting from the ingestion of bulbs (and other parts of the plants in some cases), it is hopefully clear to owners that their pets need rapid veterinary attention.

With lilies posing a particular threat to pet cats – a mere brush past the pollen and a quick lick having the potential to lead to kidney failure – this subject is highlighted. As is the fact that drinking water from the cut flower vase can make pets ill. It’s so common, for cats especially, to drink plant water. Informing clients of the risk can only help reduce this lesser-known danger.

Spring Hazards

Alongside plants in the garden, pets can also be harmed by insects, insecticides, fertilisers, weed-killers, parasites, and allergies.

Whilst we set about pruning and planting in the garden, many are gloving up for a spring cleaning indoors too. Cleaning chemicals are a risk to pets.

A summary video of ingestible, infectious, and alternative causes of illness in pets during spring is a helpful addition to your download list.

Pet Allergies

Common and probably still underdiagnosed. Pet allergies are a major issue and one of the most common reasons for pets to present at the vet. Plus, it’s a topic that takes a while to discuss in the consulting room…the client is hoping for a magic ear drop – you start talking about long term preventative management – it’s a tricky transition! Our video helps clients recognise the breadth of clinical signs which could represent allergies in their pets and hopefully, this brings them forward with open ears and appropriate expectations.

Our Easter and Spring Videos are available to download now…

Log into your Vet Channel account and preview the videos available in the Spring and Summer category.
Their are so many topics covered such as:

  • Easter Goodies
  • Chocolate Toxicity
  • Spring Hazards
  • The Spring Garden
  • Pet Allergies

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