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Does you dog look sad when you leave the house? Do they go berserk when you arrive back home?

Do they chew the door frames, skirting boards, furniture, your favourite shoes?

These are all signs that your furry friend could be suffering with separation anxiety.

What Is It?

This is happening because your pet – normally a dog, has become extremely attached to you, when you are apart even for a short amount of time it will display these common signs of separation anxiety.

Its more than displaying subtle signs such as a little whining when you leave or a bit of mischief while you’re out.

It is a serious phenomenon and one of the main reason’s owners get frustrated with their dogs. Like almost situations there are some easy solutions.

Make sure you understand what causes your dog to act this way.

We have created a video for your waiting room TV to help you educate your clients about this condition.

Please see the short excerpt below:

The Vet Channel is a waiting room TV system for veterinary practices. It enables your practice to educate clients whilst they wait for their appointment.

This system is designed to enable you to upsell your services, clinics and treatments.

The team really like The Vet Channel, it reinforces our marketing messages such as our Pet Health Plan, clinics, services and promotions. The system also allows us to educate our clients with really engaging and seasonally appropriate videos.

As part of the subscription The Vet Channel create branded advertising for us which also helps enhance our offers. The feedback from clients is superb and we often engage with them either in reception or the consult as a result of an article seen on the screen. We liked it so much we installed it in our smaller branch surgery!”
Dr Graham Pack, Clinical Director, Purton Vets