“As a modern, client focussed surgery I really believed we needed to enhance our engagement with our clients whilst they were ‘Front of House’ waiting for their appointment. I was recommended The Vet Channel service by a number of surgeries. I have it in two of our surgeries where it is having a positive effect. Creating a fantastic impression as clients first enter. It then helps upsell our clinics, services and products. It’s a reliable sales tool and is straight forward to use across multiple surgeries. I would highly recommend The Vet Channel service, the educational content is fantastic and their team have been really keen to help in any way possible.”

Dr Douglas Veitch – IVC Group Veterinary Advisor – Unicorn Vets

“We have used the system now for a year or so in our main surgery. The team really like it as it reinforces our marketing messages such as our Pet Health Plan, clinics, services and promotions. The system also allows us to educate our clients with really engaging and seasonally appropriate videos.

As part of the subscription The Vet Channel create branded advertising for us which also helps enhance our offers. The feedback from clients is superb and we often engage with them either in reception or the consult as a result of an article seen on the screen. We liked it so much we installed it in our smaller branch surgery!”

Dr Graham Pack – Clinical Director – Purton Vets

“I would highly recommend The Vet Channel service, the educational content is fantastic and their team have been really keen to help in any way possible”

Dr Douglas Veitch – Unicorn Vets

“At PDSA, saving, protecting and healing pets is what we’re all about. We are the UK’s leading veterinary charity and we’re dedicated to improving pet wellbeing in three very special ways – by educating owners, preventing disease and carrying out life-saving operations.

We have The Vet Channel waiting room TV in some of our Pet Hospitals to help educate pet owners about the work we do, provide preventative care advice and vital animal welfare information. We receive positive feedback from our veterinary staff, highlighting the educational role the system provides whilst people are sat in the waiting room.”

Danielle Thorington-Jones – Veterinary Support Manager

“It was apparent from my first point of contact with Kate Shepherd in 2009 that the Vet Channel was a business with high standards of customer service and that the service is delivered with a personal touch. Seven years on that is still the case. Client surveys within our practice have overwhelmingly stated that the clients do watch the Vet Channel screen whilst waiting for their appointments and that they do find the information concise, topical and informative.

The Vet Channel have created several bespoke media images for us over the years and I cannot fault the service provided, advice is offered, artwork is done and tweaks are made until they are sure that I am happy. In a nutshell I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services, it’s a pleasure doing business with them.”

Jacqueline Bonham – Practice Owner

“XLVets is a group of independently owned, progressive veterinary practices that work together to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care. Spanning the length and breadth of the UK, XLVet member practices work together; sharing experience, knowledge and skills in order to define and deliver the highest standards of veterinary practice, animal health and productivity.

Our surgeries understand the need to educate clients whilst they are within the veterinary surgery. We find that the waiting room is a key marketing area where we can promote specific awareness campaigns, animal welfare issues, services and clinics. The Vet Channel waiting room TV works incredibly well and fulfils the role of a focussed educational and marketing tool. We routinely hear excellent feedback from member practices.”

Ann Mottram – Small Animal Brand Manager

“The Vet Channel works incredibly well and fulfils the role of a focussed educational and marketing tool”

Ann Mottram – XL Vets

“We really like The Vet Channel system, we routinely alter the playlist with the educational and product information to align with anything we are currently focusing on such as seasonal vaccinations, microchipping and nurse clinics.

The choice and quality of available content continues to grow which gives us a significant ‘library’ of useful information to help educate our clients in the waiting rooms. We receive positive feedback from clients who are engaging with members of the team as a result of items viewed on the TVs. We really like it, it’s certainly a benefit to our clients and surgeries!”

Malcolm Cumber – Practice Manager

“As a buying group founded by veterinary surgeons, the St Francis Group strives to help members’ practices operate efficiently and profitably. We want surgeries to maximise the time they spend with pet owners whilst we help take care of supporting activities thus helping them to increase sales and profitability.

The Vet Channel enables our member practices to communicate in an effective and entertaining way to their clients within the waiting room. It helps strengthen client loyalty by educating them about animal welfare issues and current surgery promotions such as clinics, services, products and offers. We know from feedback that the surgeries like using the system and its certainly helping to return on their investment. We always recommend The Vet Channel to our surgeries within the St Francis Group and we value the partnership that we have.”

Alan White – Managing Director

“The Vet Channel waiting room TV allows us to engage with our clients in a professional manner. We have bespoke promotional videos created by The Vet Channel which in turn drives clients to our clinics and therapies. The educational videos we place into our playlist are superb and often create conversations between vets, nurses and our clients, it helps educate clients and more than returns on our investment, we would recommend it!”

Gavin Hill-John – Operations Director

“We always recommend The Vet Channel to our surgeries within the St Francis Group and we value the partnership that we have.”

Alan White – St Francis Group

“As a modern client focused and award winning Veterinary Group we understand the value of waiting room TV. Since moving to The Vet Channel we have saved cost in comparison to our previous supplier and have far greater control over content too, being able to tailor messages to clients seasonally and tactically has worked very well for us with uptake of our services, clinics and products significantly increasing as a result of its use.

Both Ben Kate and the team have been excellent to work with throughout. Our entire team are dedicated to customer care and use The Vet Channel as part of a coherent approach to marketing, to inform, engage and educate our clients whilst they wait for their consult.”

Tracey Morley Jewkes – Managing Director

“I enjoy using The Vet Channel because it’s easy to use, has a huge choice of adverts/educational information for you to display. It can be altered for use at any of our branches. You can personalise your TV. The staff are so helpful and kind, they will help you out with any problems you may encounter. The guys at The Vet Channel are great at communicating with you.

My clients use three different branches and each TV is in a waiting area. For the smaller branches, the educational things like “Vaccinating your pet” are brilliant as most people will talk to you about these from which we can offer prices and more information to them. All the information displayed is clear and concise. It’s so easy to be seen from the other side of the waiting room.”

Kate Farnsworth – Practice Manager