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If your practice sees rabbits, consider putting our rabbit diet advice video into your playlist. We all know that for exotic species, husbandry is essential. In fact, poor husbandry is responsible for many of the illnesses seen in exotic species every year.

Poor diet can lead to many common problems in rabbits

Rabbits on the incorrect diet can be prone to diarrhoea, gut stasis, dental problems – and just about everything else you’ll commonly see rabbits for. So, getting your clients on a good husbandry protocol from the first contact is ideal for rabbit welfare.

But talking through husbandry can be difficult. There is not a lot of time in a consult to fully discuss husbandry.

Talking about diet is always a sensitive issue

Its especially difficult when you’ve been presented with an animal with a problem. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to approach it without upsetting people – you don’t want to accuse them of bad ownership or make them feel stupid (two things that are bound to alienate most owners!).

To view the video and place into your latest playlist – click this link and log into your Vet Channel account. Alternatively login to and search for Diet Advice for Rabbits.

We hope our video will help to solve this problem by sparking conversations with your clients and encouraging those that are unsure or who identify problems to chat to your team about their rabbit’s diet. It also serves as a handy update for reception staff to remind them of correct answers to give enquiring clients.