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Brexit has brought with it a multitude of changes, but the ones that seem to be the most complicated, at least to us vets, is the changes to the pet travel rules.

Despite the 2021 COVID lockdown that should restrict all but the most necessary movements, it seems that vet practices are dealing with an increasing number of people who want to take their dogs abroad.

Whether this is a distraction from the difficulties of lockdown or a sign that the pet owning population are hoping for a better summer than last. It still leaves busy receptionists dealing with complex phone calls that they don’t always have the information to answer.

Facebook forums are full of confused vets asking their peers what’s going on, and the OV forums aren’t much better. Even companies who exist solely to help with the export of pets are struggling with the confusing changes and sometimes contradictory information that seems to come their way.

But fear not – we’ve done our best to set out the new regulations in an easy-to-understand way so that your clients can keep abreast of the changes.

New Pet Travel Video Available Now

Our new video, setting out the rules for pet travel to the EU and Northern Ireland, is now available to add to your waiting room screens.

Click to Download>>>

The video guides your clients through the differences between passports and AHCs, the paperwork and vaccinations needed to travel to Europe after Brexit, and the paperwork that allows them to return.

It also reminds them of the 21-day rabies vaccination wait time, as well as the fact that not all vets can write an AHC, so they need to contact you in advance to check that this is a service you offer.

Providing this information to your clients without them needing to call is a brilliant way to reduce the pressure on your reception staff.

If you can position your waiting room TV so that it can be seen from the window, this is a great way for pet owners to catch up on information without having to call your over-stretched teams and view if waiting in the car-park

As always, we hope this helps your teams and your clients at this turbulent time!

This video is also available in our library for our subscribing practices to use on their waiting room TV system click to view>>

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