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Pet Eye Health Week is September (19th-25th) , what better time to educate your clients on spotting the signs of poor ocular health? This is the third year of promoting Pet Eye Health Week, which provides the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eyes, knowing how to spot symptoms of common ocular diseases, and understanding the importance of early intervention.

This new video educates owners on seven of the most common symptoms of ocular disease, its available in our library now for display on your waiting room TV and also as a video to download to use in your social media. Remember to log into your Vet Channel account and click the link to preview.


We all know how painful sore eyes can be, but many owners sadly don’t make the link. Many owners will also assume conjunctivitis when they see red eyes, and many will even try treatment at home. Make sure owners understand that red eyes can indicate some more serious conditions too, with more serious consequences, such as blindness.


Similarly, many owners will assume itchy sore eyes are due to the season, the pollen, or a phase. We all know that rubbing the eyes, blepharospasm, and/or sensitivity to light can indicate very painful conditions, which need prompt veterinary attention. Make sure your clients know this too with this video.

Abnormal discharge

Most owners know a green discharge can indicate conjunctivitis since they’ve probably experienced it themselves. They are less likely to know that other types of discharge can be abnormal too and may assume these are normal ‘sleepy dust’. This video explains to your clients that other discharges need a veterinary exam too.

Tear staining

Many owners of certain breeds will assume tear staining is ‘normal’ for their pet. Let’s make sure owners are asking the vet to confirm there are no underlying ocular conditions that need treating, rather than making the assumption themselves.

Vision loss

Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us that their vision is deteriorating, and many owners won’t know the early warning signs to watch out for. Use this video to educate clients not to wait and see, or it may be too late.

Changes in appearance

Subtle changes in the appearance of the ocular surface can be hard to spot unless you know what you’re looking for. Do your clients know to keep an eye out for changes in colour or cloudiness? They will after watching this video!


Looking for signs of asymmetry has probably never crossed most owners’ minds. Put it on their radar today!

The aim of this video is to help your clients spot the early signs of common eye problems and to educate them to book an appointment as soon as possible. We all know that many ocular diseases progress rapidly and that many can lead to irreversible damage or blindness if left untreated. So be a part of Pet Eye Health Week this year, download our new video today and educate your clients on the importance of healthy eyes.