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February is Pet Dental Health Month, with many organisations, companies and Veterinary Practices like yours, promoting ‘Dentals’.

How is your practice involved in Pet Dental Health month and what is a ‘Dental’?

Pet Dental Health month is the ideal time to educate clients about ‘Dentals’.

With the ever increasing popularity of anaesthesia free dental cleaning, it’s more important than ever that we educate our clients. We all know that anaesthesia free dental cleaning is at best ineffective and at worst downright dangerous. However, all our clients perhaps understand is that one requires a general anaesthetic, while the other doesn’t.

To our clients, the result is the same. When you look at it from their point of view, why would they choose an anaesthetic for their pet?   

Our new video for pet dental health month explains ‘Dentals’

RCVS statement

The RCVS has been very clear in its statement on anaesthesia free dentistry that “anaesthesia-free dental procedures (click to view full statement):  

a)  cannot allow full oral examination to be performed and vitally important diagnoses may be missed or delayed;  

b)  do not allow full and effective cleaning of the most important sub-gingival areas; 

c)  may actually cause damage to the tissues surrounding the teeth;  

d)  may cause discomfort, pain and/or distress to the animal;  

e)  are likely to delay clients accessing effective, proper oral care;  

f)  if performed under the guise of a “Dental Treatment” could be considered misleading; unless the owners are made aware of the inadequate and potentially injurious nature of the procedure.” 

Their statement is issued with the agreement of the European Veterinary Dental College, the European Veterinary Dental Society, the current recognised Specialists in Veterinary Dentistry practising in the UK, and the British Veterinary Dental Association. 

Pet Dental Health Month – Educate your clients

Pet dental health month is the perfect time to introduce an educational topic that needs explaining to your clients whilst they are in the waiting room. The majority of our clients do not know what is involved in a dental, nor should we expect them to. They don’t know, nor understand why, a dental under a general anaesthetic is actually more effective and safer than the ‘anaesthesia-free dental procedures’ they see offered at their groomers, for example.  

So, start educating your clients today! Use our new video within The Vet Channel media library, which outlines: 

–       Admission and pre-operative procedures 

–       What is involved in the dental itself 

–       Why their pet needs a general anaesthetic for a dental, including education around safety and efficacy 

–       Signposting to the RCVS statement on anaesthesia free dentistry 

The video provides food for thought for your clients, and is designed to encourage them to discuss any concerns with you. The majority of your clients will choose the safest and best option for their pet; and sometimes they need educating on what that choice entails. Even clients already onboard with a dental procedure will want to know what is involved, so this video offers peace of mind for them, knowing they understand what will happen on the day. 

The Vet Channel

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