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With the cost of living ever rising, it’s important to ensure that your clients understand you are ‘on their side’. It’s important that clients are asking their vets for advice on important changes they may be considering in their pet’s lives, such as diet or cancelling insurance. Otherwise, clients may well make well-meaning, but ill-informed, decisions regarding their pet’s care. 

The title ‘pet cost of living hacks’ may seem contrary to the message you usually convey. However, it’s really about education! Educating clients that spending some money each month on things like pet insurance, preventatives and good quality food, will actually save them money in the long run. After all, treating parvovirus is many times more expensive than preventing it. Plus it’s in the dog’s best interests to prevent it in the first place, naturally. 

Cost of living hacks – new video

In this cost of living hacks video, we share some top tips for saving money on pet care, including: 

  • The importance of keeping up to date with preventative treatments, to help avoid preventable in-patient treatment bills. 
  • Signing up for a pet health plan, to help spread the cost and to benefit from discounts. 
  • Avoiding preventable accidents, by keeping potential toxins and hazards out of reach. 
  • Learning to groom their pet at home, such as clipping their nails. 
  • Paying attention to their diet, including preventing obesity (which we all know is linked to many health conditions!) and diet quality, to support overall health. 
  • Taking out pet insurance, to take some of the stress out of unexpected vet bills. 
  • Looking after their pet’s oral health, for example by brushing their teeth, to help prevent the need for dental surgery. 
  • Saving money on holidays, for example by taking their dog with them on staycation. 

The main message this video portrays is that spending some money each month on keeping your pet healthy can actually help to prevent much heftier bills due to poor health. The amounts for many of these preventatives are fixed and known, so can be budgeted for, whereas unexpected vet bills cannot. 

So don’t delay, download our video and let your clients know you understand that times are tough financially for most people right now, and that you are here to help!  Log into your Vet Channel library at