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Wanting something slightly different for your practice waiting room tv? We’ve got a brand new video now available, all about pet health apps!

With the world moving ever more app-based, it’s not surprising that there are apps out there for just about every aspect of life, and pet care is no different. As a forward-thinking practice with cutting-edge technology, this video supports your team by discussing some of the best that pet tech has to offer.

Our video goes over some of the most useful pet health apps that your clients might want to download. From apps designed to record resting respiratory rate to apps with poisons information. Downloading these can give your clients the information they need at their fingertips.

These apps may also be useful for you – many are designed to help support pet owners caring for dogs with chronic illnesses, like diabetes and epilepsy. Some will even produce a report that the client can email to you which, in our socially-distanced, locked-down world, is a great way to keep on top of your chronic illness cases.

We hope this video shows off your practice’s modern approach to pet care, gives your team food for thought, and helps your clients faced with difficult diagnoses.

If you are a subscriber to The Vet Channel waiting room TV service we encourage you to add this into your playlist by logging into the media library, you also have the option to download the video to add into your social media channels or website.

If you would like to find out how you can subscribe, please just pick up the phone to speak to our super friendly advisors on 0114 3990001.