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Veterinary practice has evolved over the past six months in the way we serve and communicate with our clients and how we care for pet. Many practices had to prioritise urgent and sick-pet appointments over wellness appointments.

Priorities include putting off routine surgeries to conserve supplies and personal protective equipment. It is also clear that many practices have adopted a ‘kerb side’ or ‘car park’ care model.

‘Car-Park’ Collection

Clients arrive at the practice, announce their arrival via their smart phone and then have their pet retreived by the clinician from the vehicle.

It is important that the changes to the practice processes and procedures are communicated to clients.

When making this shift, client communication strategies may include:

  • Explaining the changes when appointments are made
  • Emailing all clients about the processes as a reminder
  • Posting on social media about the change
  • Coaching clients on the process again on arrival
  • Sharing updates on social media about how well team members and clients are partnering to limit close contact while still providing great care to pets.

Lockdown Easing

As the lockdown has begun to ease, many more practices are allowing their clients to enter into the waiting area, especially where the waiting room is large enough to accomodare several people and pets whilst ‘social distancing’.

We have created a new ‘Covid-19’ category withing the Vet Channel media libray. Click to view > with over a dozen videos to help you communicate your new Covid-19 processes and procedures.

These videos will give your waiting clients the reassureance they require at this time of uncertainty as well as inform them of services and treatments you may still be offering.

To view the full video library click the link>