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Our new, informative pet obesity video is available today in our video library. 

Designed to start your clients’ cogs turning on one of the consult rooms’ trickiest topics – and to help you stay ahead of a changing perspective on ignoring weight problems in pets. 

As vets, we are troubled by the number of overweight pets we see in practice, and we recognise tackling obesity is a challenge.  Sadly, however, part of the challenge is helping our clients catch up with obesity awareness.  In surveys performed by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association in 2018/19, 100% of vets were concerned about pet obesity, while – shockingly – only 32% of owners stated the same. 

44% of pet owners are unaware that their pet is overweight

Being overweight has been linked to several serious health conditions in pets, including many we see every day, like orthopedic disease, gastrointestinal disease and dermatological conditions.  Education for owners of overweight pets involves demonstrating that their pet’s weight is not optimal, then extending that education to explain the associated health issues are not usual.

How many of your clients feel their pet is just lazy? Or their breed is naturally rounded? Or that snoring, struggling to rise, or skin fold dermatitis, are all par-for-the-course?

Discussions surrounding body weight can be difficult.  Social factors can make conversations additionally awkward.  Giving information in a format owners can absorb in a non-confrontational way, can significantly improve progress in tackling this welfare-damaging problem.

New ‘Pet Obesity’ video

Displaying our video in your waiting room is the ideal opportunity for owners to watch and evaluate the pet obesity message. In an approachable way, the content guides owners to consider whether their pet is overweight and sympathetically reassures them that action can be taken. 

As with any pet health matter, addressing obesity brings business opportunity.  Running weight clinics can encourage regular footfall and an increase in food sales (owners are more likely to purchase from you if they believe in the health benefits of an appropriate veterinary-endorsed diet).  

Addressing the management of chronic disease, like obesity, can help establish client trust and loyalty as progress is made. 

Highlighting the benefits of maintaining a pet’s optimum weight can lead to an improved quality of life for our patients, as well as numerous health benefits.  Sharing our knowledge on the health implications of obesity is vital.  As cases of obesity-related illness increase, the pet insurers will, undoubtedly, be tracking the trend.  Could insurance companies start to restrict pay-out if a pet’s weight is not correctly managed? As vets, we need to be sure we’re addressing issues surrounding pet weight gain and its true significance to health and welfare. 

We are progressing towards a world of primarily preventative medicine – challenging the pet obesity crisis is a crucial step in this journey.

To access our this video for your TV, simply log-in to and search for ‘Obesity’ add to your playlist, by downloading from our library in the usual way.