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We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Oral Kennel Cough Vaccine video into your library – for you to preview and add to your playlist. 
If your practice is offering this ‘new’ vaccine let your waiting clients know that it can now be given orally. Thus, reducing stress for both the dog and owner. Click to view video>

Separation Anxiety video

With the change in routine post lockdown, dog separation anxiety maybe affecting many of your clients’ dogs. This video offers expert tips to help reduce anxiety as owners are now going back to work/school.
You can also include this on your social media channels by downloading it first from this link.
Click to view video>
Downloadable format for social media>

The Vet Channel is a waiting room TV service helping to educate waiting clients with up to date, entertaining and informative videos. The service also enables you to upsell your services, treatments and clinics.

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