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Cat microchipping will be mandatory on 10th June 2024. We all know that microchipping dogs has been compulsory since 2016. Well, now it will be for cats too. Compulsory microchipping of cats has been introduced as part of the government’s ‘Action Plan for Animal Welfare’. Now it’s our job to help educate our clients! There has already been some coverage of the new law by various newspapers, so we must ensure that we are playing our part.

What are the new laws regarding microchipping cats?

Under the new law, all cats must be microchipped before 10th June 2024. All cats must be microchipped before they reach 20 weeks of age. The owner’s details must be stored, and up to date, on the relevant database. Any owner found not to have their cat microchipped will be given 21 days to have it done, or they could face up to a £500 fine.

How can we inform our clients about the new law?

That’s easy, download our waiting room video today! You could consider posters in reception, and promote nurse microchipping clinics. Your practice social media can also be a valuable tool in spreading the word.

Our video includes:

  • The date that all cats must be microchipped by
  • What age all cats need to be microchipped by
  • The fact that they are required to keep their details up to date on the database
  • The possible penalty if they don’t comply
  • The fact that it is a simple procedure, which does not involve a general anaesthetic (which is a common owner misconception)
  • The benefits of microchipping.

What if clients are concerned about having their cat microchipped?

Some clients (understandably) may be anxious about having their cat microchipped, especially as many owners don’t actually know what it entails. We have composed a supplementary video ‘Microchipping in cats: what you need to know’, which re-assures owners that microchipping is a quick and simple procedure. This video covers:

  • The small size of the microchip
  • How and where it is inserted
  • The fact that any discomfort felt is very short lived
  • The fact that cats cannot feel the microchip, once it is in place
  • That the microchip should last for life
  • How the microchip works and how their details are stored on a database, which they must keep up to date.

We all know the benefits of microchipping in reducing stress when cats go missing, and enabling us to quickly re-unite cats with their owners. It also helps to reduce the incidence of well-meaning members of the public taking on ‘strays’, which in fact belong to a neighbour.

So, let’s help share the news of this new compulsory cat microchipping law, in a positive light!

New Cat Microchipping videos available now!

We have created two new videos for use on your Vet Channel waiting room TV and for download to use on your social media channels. One of the videos explain the cat microchipping procedure and the other video explains the law and when it comes mandatory to have your cat microchipped.
If you are a user – then login to the library to add it to your playlist.