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Are you dreaming of a quiet Christmas?  Let us help save you some callouts, and your clients some catastrophes, with our latest seasonal videos in our Christmas Category.  With hints and tips for pet safety over the festive period, these are an easy watch in the waiting room, a way to help avoid animal accidents, and — hopefully! — a time-saver for you!

What do clients need to know?

In the profession, we recognise and understand the increase in pet hazards around the home at Christmas time.  Sadly, many clients will be uninformed, preoccupied, or too exhausted to prioritise their pet’s wellbeing – unless we remind them.  The vast majority are good, diligent owners who want the best for their furry companions.   A little nudge about keeping the mince pies on a high shelf or letting the cat escape upstairs during the charades is well placed.

Christmas also brings darkness and cold – additional hazards for our family pets.  Our video takes the opportunity to remind clients of general winter worries as well.

Cautionary Consuming

The chocolate-troughing Labrador twins turn up in the prep room, tails wagging, their engaging eyes unaware of their regurgitant fate.  The snap of the latex glove and the rustle of the newspaper, an all too familiar sound. 

There are several ingestible nasties on-show over Christmas.  Joking aside, being wrist-deep in vomit is no fun, but it’s better than an intensive care patient for which induced emesis is too far-gone an option.  Informing clients of the dangers will help avoid many incidents altogether, but there will still be mishaps.  Improving client knowledge should mean more prompt presentation for these accidental cases.

Highlighting everything from beer to leftover bones, our video will jog your clients’ memories before the main celebrations commence.   

The Best Treat is Time

If your clients are appropriately reserved with their titbits, how will they deliver their adoration? Our videos encourage owners to take dogs for a special walk and prioritise pet fuss and cuddles as a way to show love this Christmas.  

The Season for Socials

Many pet parents will be organising and hosting large get-togethers.  For many pets, this can be a stressful time leading to an elevation in anxiety levels. The video prompts owners to consider their pets at parties and to provide a quiet place of escape.

Special Requirements in the Cold

As the cold weather reaches us, some pets have additional requirements.  The thin-coated breeds might need an extra layer, especially when not exercising (owner having popped into the neighbour’s garden for a mulled wine on the way to the park perhaps? Or gone shopping and left the pooch in the car.). 

Patients with joint disorders benefit from warm clothing, blankets, and comfy beds to stay mobile.  There will be the opportunity for pain assessment appointments when some arthritic patients seize up in the coming weeks, so conversations about nursing care can be had then, but an extra way to deliver the message is always welcome.

Dark nights cause an increased risk of road traffic accidents, so reminding clients to use high-vis collars, harnesses and coats can save lives.  We also point out that changing routines to encourage pets indoors after dark can be beneficial. 

Downloadable Christmas Videos

We have several videos available for you to download in our Social Media Video Category. These can be used in your social media channels as well as your website. They can help educate your clients as well us enhance your social media profile and increase Search Engine Optimisation

And finally…

The not-so-new, but increasingly important message that pets are unsuitable as presents helps wrap up our videos.  The Dogs’ Trust’s famous mantra in our minds, we hope if we keep reinforcing it, we can save many pets a troubled start and a rehomed future.

To help your clients prepare for a pet-safe Christmas, view our Christmas Category