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The firework season is a tricky time for pets, and consequently pet owners. Our collection of videos about pets and fireworks provides a simple guide to general ‘pet prep’ in advance of a firework display.

What can be achieved with preparation?

Preparation is so important when it comes to helping pets cope with fears – minimising the impact of the source of stress is key.  Ideally, we would have had pets with significant noise phobias on desensitisation programmes since the new year.  That is unlikely to be a reality in normal times, and in the last twelve months even less so. 

That leaves us with a welfare conundrum – trying to minimise the negative impact of firework displays on our patients in an impossibly short amount of time. 

There will, of course, be patients who do need a little extra – and these videos encourage owners with specific noise phobias to contact the veterinary team.  The majority, however, can have a vastly improved experience of firework season by their owners taking a few simple steps and making minimal adjustments to their usual routine.  Sharing this advice at this time of year is a real well-being boost for many and will help bond clients to your practice.

Something for nothing?

It’s a heart-warming feeling in our caring profession to be able to give some genuinely useful advice without the burden of pressure to immediately make money.  Using a selection of the fireworks video’s within your playlist is a real opportunity to give your clients some simple tips, without sacrificing your clinical time and without necessarily steering them to particular products or services – so clients feel like they are getting something for nothing too. 

There are, as always, business opportunities from dealing with firework and noise phobias, and there will be cases where paid-for options are completely applicable, but the advice in the video is aimed more at allowing the majority of pet owners make to practical adjustments at home, ahead of their local displays, to enable a calmer experience for many pets.  A lovely way we can make a difference. 

What’s included?

The selection of Firework specific video’s contain tips for pet owners of rabbits, guinea pigs, and other outdoor pets as well as cats and dogs.  The advice starts with the very basics – walking dogs earlier in the day, keeping cats indoors, bringing outdoor hutches into more noise-insulated areas, for example.  It even mentions not taking pets to a display – in case some of our clients are still considering that as a sensible option. 

All of the videos include information about minimising the impact of the display itself – providing a den at home with generous bedding, allowing pets to bark, hide or pace as they choose, and turning up the lights and sounds within the home so the impact of the fireworks is reduced.  Owners might forget little gems like staying with their pets, shutting the windows, and securing the cat flap – the video will give them a nudge.

Displaying these video’s in your waiting room ahead of firework night is a great way to improve the welfare of your patients, in a small but very significant way, and if owners notice the improvement, they will be eternally grateful. 

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