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With the four-day weekend fast approaching, many are preparing for street parties, bar-be-ques, garden gatherings and events. Our pets are part of the family, and it’s great to include them in celebrations, but of course, we must be sensible about how we do this. Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in the fun and forget the responsibility – our concise and informative video gives your clients a little reminder.

Party Perils

To be honest, it’s nothing new. Much of the advice for keeping pets safe at parties is repeatable for every celebration throughout the year – but we all know we still see doggies with diarrhoea, bony blockages, and toxic terrors from a raided buffet.

Something many clients forget is the anxiety for pets around such dramatic changes in routine. Large volumes of people gathering and making noise can be traumatic – hopefully, we can spread the message that a pet hideaway is a necessity when planning street and garden parties.

It’s also important to remember street parties often mean free movement of people from property to property – but we don’t want our pets wandering free. Let’s avoid lost pets this Jubilee, and potentially lost lives from RTAs, by giving owners a nudge to be vigilant.

The Heat

Let’s face it there’s as much chance of clients needing thunderstorm advice as there is heatwave advice, but we’ve gone for the former in a fit of optimism!

Hopefully, it will be sunny for the sake of the celebrations, but owners need to be mindful of the sun’s effects on their pets. It’s great that so many owners include pets in their plans, but they should be ready to revise them if the weather doesn’t suit – and heat is the most likely reason for this. Our video reminds owners to provide shade and water. Of course, with the continued trend for brachycephalic breeds, this advice is even more valid.


Not just something else delicious to tempt pets towards tangled intestines, but a risk for other injuries too. From knocking decorations over, to becoming entangled in them, to eating them, it’s all possible and all avoidable.

Of course, decorations can cause pets a lot of stress too. Many are noisy – from party poppers to fireworks, and they are all potentially frightening for our pets. The requirement to consider the stressful effects on pets this bank holiday is emphasised in the video.

We urge owners not to put pets in fancy dress. Apart from the additional risk of heat exhaustion from wearing a red, white, and blue jacket all day, owners must learn to appreciate that fancy frocks are more for them than their animals. Hopefully, the message will sink in.

So, for a to-the-point summary of pet-friendly tips for the party weekend, download our video to your playlist today.