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We all know that ‘Dr Google’ is full of weird and wonderful advice when it comes to cleaning a dog’s ears, or even treating otitis externa. How many times have you had an owner wait too long before seeking veterinary treatment for otitis externa, as they’d been trying to clean their dog’s ears at home?

How many times have you had treatment for otitis externa fail, because the owners weren’t effectively cleaning their dog’s ears? Well, start educating your clients today with our latest video: “How to clean your dog’s ears”. 

This video covers: 

Do I need to clean my dogs ears? 

Many owners have the misconception that everyone should be cleaning their dog’s ears regularly. Many owners also don’t realise that cleaning their dog’s ears can make things worse in some cases (for example, using an inappropriate ear cleaner, or if the tympanic membrane is not intact). This video educates clients on when they need to clean their dog’s ears. 

What will I need before I clean my dog’s ears? 

Make sure your clients know the safest equipment for cleaning their dog’s ears, and importantly, what is not safe! 

How to clean your dog’s ears 

A step by step account on how to correctly clean a dog’s ears at home.  

The video also covers some important key points: 

Reminding owners to always check their dog’s ears for signs of infection before cleaning. The video advises that if they spot any of these signs, they should not attempt to clean their dogs ears, but book an appointment with a vet. 

Ensuring owners understand they should only be using an ear cleaner designed for dogs, or one recommended by a vet. 

No cotton buds! Makes sure owners know never to use cotton buds! 

Safety first. The video highlights that owners should never attempt to clean their dog’s ears if there is any risk that they, or their dog, might be injured in the process.  

Finally, the video encourages clients to seek advice from the vet practice if they aren’t sure if their dog’s ears need cleaning, if they spot any signs of infection, or if they aren’t confident in what they are doing. It educates owners that they can book an appointment for a vet, or vet nurse, to teach them how to clean their dogs ears.  

So don’t delay, teach your clients how to safely clean their dog’s ears while they wait!