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Gaining your clients trust is so important for a number of reasons. Have you ever had a client lie to you when you’ve been taking a history for their pet, or been economical with the truth? I think it’s safe to say that most of us have! When this happens, it is not only frustrating, but it also undermines trust and can be dangerous.

Why is it so dangerous when clients lie to us?

When clients bend the truth about the events leading up to their pet being injured or ill, this can lead us down an incorrect diagnostic pathway. Or it may take us much longer to reach a diagnosis that we would have reached instantly, had our client been honest. Either way, patient care suffers. Delaying appropriate treatment in poisoning cases, such as with ingested recreational drugs, can gravely alter the prognosis.

Why do clients lie?

Clients lie for many reasons. They may be embarrassed; for example if they know their dog ate one of their condoms. They might feel ashamed; perhaps they gave something to their dog that they since learned was poisonous. They could be worried we might call the police; for example if their dog has had access to illegal drugs. Perhaps they are mortified that they left their own medication within reach of their pup. They may be fearful of being judged.

Whatever the reason, we must work with clients to facilitate mutual trust. Without it, we cannot deliver appropriate, high-standard care to our patients.

What can we do about it?

We need to ensure that clients understand we are not here to judge or police their recreational habits! They need to trust that their pet’s welfare is our main concern and that we have their best interests at heart.

That’s where we come in! Should your clients be fearful of confiding in you, put their minds at ease with this re-assuring video covering:

  • Why honesty is so important.
  • The dangers of not being honest.
  • What clients can expect from us in return for their honesty.

So, start educating your clients today with our video covering how important honesty is.

Educate your clients using The Vet Channel

If you believe that educating your clients is a priority then The Vet Channel can help you engage with your clients whilst they are sat in the waiting room via the waiting room TV. We also have a substantial library of video content made for use on your social media channels, enabling you to reach out to your clients even when they aren’t in the practice.

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