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Being a responsible pet owner means taking precautionary measures to help prevent your pet from being a target from one of these parasites. The side effects from these parasites can be distressing for a dog, cat or rabbit causing them to be uncomfortable, itchy, lethargic as well as physical problems such as loss of hair and skin sores caused from the constant irritation.

If you own a dog and walk where there is long grass then you need to be aware that ticks are out there, the long grass being the perfect habitat for ticks to survive and thrive in large numbers!

Ticks can also transfer to humans causing both physical and mental symptoms with life changing side effects. Fleas also target humans causing irritation.

Both can be prevented, the best course of action is to ask a member of the veterinary team to explain the side effects and the preventative treatments available for you and your pet.

If you use waiting room TV check out our ‘Fleas & Ticks’ category where you’ll find a wealth of educational videos to help your clients understand the need to vaccinate their pet.