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With a shortage of vets, and lots of post-COVID work to catch up on, we know you’re probably too busy to think about your waiting room TV system.

Making a good impression starts in the reception area. The last thing your clients want to see is out of date information!

Make sure your playlist is relevant

Videos about cold weather or Christmas hazards can quickly make the whole system appear out of date. We recommend regularly switching the messages on your TV screen. Make sure there’s always something new for your clients to watch. You want your clients to come in, sit down, and watch the screen whilst they wait for their appointment.

To help you, we decided to take the difficulty out of choosing from the 100+ videos available to you with our ‘suggested playlist’!

This playlist has been carefully selected by a vet to produce a summer-themed, up-to-date TV waiting room experience for your clients. We’ve covered the main summer topics such as parasites, heatstroke, allergies, and blue-green algae, but also included some useful post-COVID behaviour advice.

Here’s our 20-minute summer playlist for practices seeing dogs, cats and the occasional rabbit:

  1. COVID-19 Face Coverings (0m20): A single-slide video asking clients to wear a face covering.
  2. Summer Heatstroke (1m39): This video covers hot cars, exercise, sunburn, and several other heat-of-summer safety tips.
  3. Pet Travel after Brexit (4m11): An easy-to-understand summary of the new pet travel rules to help educate your clients about what will be necessary in advance.
  4. Grass Seed Problems for Pets (2m48): Educate your clients about grass seeds to try to prevent problems from occurring.
  5. Bayer ACT against Lungworm (0m49): A short video explaining the dangers of lungworm to prompt discussion in your practice.
  6. The ‘Ask to Pet’ Mission (0m22): A single slide asking pet owners not to pet strange dogs. Might be useful for inexperienced owners post-COVID!
  7. Pet Skin Allergies (1m25): Advising clients of the symptoms of an allergy so that they can discuss it with you.
  8. Small Furries Summer Care (1m46): Practical advice for avoiding heatstroke and flystrike in small furries.
  9. Bayer Ticks and Fleas (2m13): A cartoon-style video discussing fleas and ticks, and reminding owners to protect their pets.
  10. Dog’s Trust Dog School (1m43): With all those pandemic puppies, it might be a good time to advertise the help available to owners!
  11. Stick Injuries (1m35): A short video explaining the dangers of throwing sticks for your dog.
  12. Blue-Green Algae (2m10): Explains (with pictures) what blue-green algae looks like and why it is dangerous to dogs.

Of course, feel free to add more, or reduce the length of the total playlist. We’ve covered the main summer topics, but there are plenty more to consider. If you practice near the beach, why not check out our RNLI water safety videos, or if you treat more cats than dogs, you can switch the allergy video.

Educate your clients with relevant, seasonal and topical video content.

The Vet Channel is a waiting room TV solution. With videos and content written and created by vets. The Vet Channel will enable you to engage and educate with your clients. The system is proven to increase uplift of product, services and treatments. Click here to find out more.