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The COVID pandemic has seen all veterinary teams – vets, nurses, practice managers, receptionists and care advisors respond magnificently.

Having to adapt their working practices to provide ongoing veterinary services in the most difficult of circumstances. They are amazing and supporting not only each other but also your clients, and their beloved pets.


We know how important these relationships are and how powerful a simple gesture of saying “thank you” can be in recognising these efforts. Thanking is a simple, positive action that hugely benefits both the recipient and giver of thanks and increases team mental wellbeing.

What is ‘Thank and Praise’?

We’d like to introduce you to TAP (Thank and Praise). A unique social thanking platform designed to make it easier for your clients to thank your team….your ‘Unsung Heroes’. It has NO COST and requires no effort on your behalf. It allows:

  • Your team members to be thanked privately.
  • Your practice to be praised publicly.
  • Your practice or any associated charities to benefit from any funds raised.

Please watch this video to learn more….

The platform is easy to use and can also be used as a cohesive and succinct means of gathering positive feedback from your clients which could be used on your website as testimonials as well as included on your social media channels.

If you and your practice want to get the recognition you deserve, especially in these stressful times, and make a positive difference to the lives of your team, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

For more information and learn how to get involved please visit or email is a waiting room TV system, enabling you to engage with clients through video – in the waiting room and on their smart devices. To find out more <<click here>>