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As a nation of pet lovers we understand it is important to follow guidance offered by the government, your vet practice, pet charities and professional bodies such as the British Veterinary Association.

So many of our key workers own pets and perhaps are finding it especially difficult to take their dog for a walk – such a vital part of keeping a pet both physically and mentally healthy.

You may want to offer some help to a friend, neighbour or work colleague, the only people you should be helping are as follows:

Full video available below

Walking a dog for a person who has Coronavirus

When walking a dog from a household where one or more people are suspected of having Covid-19 there are a number of rules to conform to. This isn’t easy and the task should only be taken on if they can be followed.

Full video available below

Please be careful during this time and respect social distancing and hygiene. We know that at this time there have been no confirmed cases of animal to human transmission of Covid-19. It is technically possible to pass the virus from the pets fur to a human via touch.

We have been busy creating two more suitable videos for pet owners and our waiting room TV customers.

The latest topic is ‘Coronavirus advice and dog walking’. Use the videos in your practice websites and on your social media channels.

Video 1 –  Explains the individual circumstances where someone has agreed to walk someone else’s dog.

Video 2-  Gives the guidance to follow when walking someone else’s dog

The videos are in 2 formats. We understand the square ones are better to use for social media. The widescreen versions are more suited to use on your website.

Walking a dog and Coronavirus 1 – Wide screen     Click here to view

Walking a dog and Coronavirus 1 – Square               Click here to view

Walking a dog and Coronavirus 2- Wide screen      Click here to view

Walking a dog and Coronavirus 2 – Square               Click here to view

Lets us know how they work for you and whether you would like us to cover any other topics at this time.