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Are you still throwing sticks for your dog to retrieve?

By 22 September 2016No Comments

The nights are closing in, the weather is becoming wet and miserable and the days are getting shorter. We all know that regular exercise is really important not just for us but for our pets. We also know that dogs in particular like retrieving balls, rubber toys and sticks as part of their daily routine.

Many of your clients aren’t aware of the potential dangers of using a stick at play time! Sticks can splinter causing injuries to the jaw area, neck and throat and in some instances, puncture vital organs. They also tend to carry bacteria which in turn cause severe infection to wounds causing complications to the healing process. Its therefore important that we spread the word that  ‘Stick Throwing’ can be dangerous to our pets.

We’ve created an informative video which veterinary surgeries can use through the waiting room TV system to help educate their clients whilst sat in the waiting room. Using the video will help educate clients about the potential danger sticks present and reduce stick injuries. It will also guide pet owners to use stick alternatives such as Frisbee, Kongs, rope toys and rubber sticks.