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Innovative Waiting Room TV
for your Veterinary Practice

We find that the waiting room is a key marketing area where we can promote specific awareness campaigns, animal welfare issues, services and clinics.
XL Vets

Waiting Room TV

Engage Educate Promote

Display on your TV educational and promotional videos in a professional and visually appealing way.

Can you afford to ignore your clients whilst they wait?

Engage and entertain your clients using a wide range of vibrant pet healthcare videos.

Educate pet owners to help them make informed choices on responsible pet ownership, including topical and seasonal awareness videos.

Promote and inform your practice information, together with any promotional messages such as your health plan or nurse clinics.


Key Features and Benefits

The Vet Channel offers a range of benefits to both you and your clients

Strengthen Relationships

Between clients and your team as the service encourages topical dialogue during consults and time spent with your reception team.

Increase Practice Revenue

Communicate key marketing messages through on screen educational and product promotion whilst your clients are at their most receptive.

You Control Your Playlist

You choose the videos that reflect your clinical focus, marketing and promotional offers. It’s easy to manage and can be instantly updated.

Reduce Waiting Times

Your clients’ attention will be drawn to the screen and will help reduce perceived waiting times.

Personalised For Your Practice

A range of informative and promotional media tailored just for you

Along with having access to our large media library, we will also create a range of bold, eye catching media that is tailored specifically to your practice. This will allow you to promote your practices’ services and offers, including:

Practice InformationMake clients aware of your practice information such as team, opening hours and surgery services.
Practice Promotions – Promote your current offers, such as your Pet Health Plan or microchipping offer.
Social MediaPromote your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.
Awareness EventsMake clients aware of local events and educational evenings.

Easy, reliable and professional with fantastic support and service.
You will not go wrong with this waiting room TV system!

Jane Carter, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Drove Vets

The Vet Channel waiting room TV works incredibly well and fulfils the role of a focussed educational and marketing tool.

Ann Mottram - Small Animal Brand Manager, XL Vets

We would highly recommend using Vet Channel. They are professional, friendly and dedicated to producing the best service possible.

Lisa Hilton, Group Marketing Assistant, Pennard Vets
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